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What is PyKaraoke?

PyKaraoke is a free karaoke player for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows, OSX and GP2X.

You can use this program to play your collection of CDG, MIDI and MPEG karaoke songs. No songs are provided, you must obtain these from elsewhere.

Visit here to find out more about what a CDG or MP3+G file is. In short, CDG is the format of professional karaoke CDs. These CDs can be ripped to your hard disk, and turned into a .mp3 file together with a .cdg file. This player gives you the ability to play those mp3+cdg files.

PyKaraoke Features:

The latest release can be downloaded here.

PyKaraoke is written in the Python programming language. It was originally developed on Linux, but thanks to its portability it also works on many other systems.


26/08/2011: PyKaraoke 0.7.5 Released Full announcement

04/08/2011: PyKaraoke Rezip Script Full announcement

27/06/2011: PyKaraoke 0.7.4 Released Full announcement

20/06/2011: PyKaraoke Development at Github Full announcement

22/12/2010: Karaoke CDG DLL Full announcement

11/05/2010: PyKaraoke 0.7.3 Released Full announcement

27/10/2009: PyKaraoke 0.7.2 Released Full announcement

19/10/2009: PyKaraoke available for OpenBSD Full announcement

09/09/2009: Seeking Developer to Maintain Windows Port Full announcement

08/09/2009: PyKaraoke Development: Windows Installer Full announcement

26/08/2009: Follow the latest PyKaraoke news on Twitter

20/08/2009: PyKaraoke v0.7.0 has been released. Particular thanks go to John Schneiderman for his hard work for this release. Highlights:
* Many new features useful for pro hosting with PyKaraoke.
* You can now associate performer names with songs in the playlist.
* Add Kamikaze button to add a random song to the playlist.
* Various new playlist features.
* Time progress indicator during song playback.
* Add support for pulling artist/title data from song filenames.
* Add option to display karaoke window without a frame.
* Many new configuration options and other GUI improvements.
Download it here!

26/05/2009: PyKaraoke for Mac OSX: Thanks to a user contribution we now have a release of PyKaraoke which is easier to install on Mac OSX. Visit here for details.

28/10/2008: Never miss a karaoke CD+G release:
If you would like to be kept informed of new karaoke CD+G releases, sign up to our new sister site The service can be used to sign up for email alerts whenever a CD+G or other karaoke album is released.

27/06/2008: PyKaraoke v0.6 has been released. Highlights:
* Much improved GUI with many new features and additional configuration options.
* Export karaoke files to MPEG format (command line only).
* Launch external media players - use the PyKaraoke GUI to catalogue and launch your entire collection.
* Many enhancements on the GP2X platform.
* Now confirmed to work with OSX.
* Internal improvements and fixes in the CDG and KAR players.
* Thanks to project member David Rose for providing these great additions to the PyKaraoke package.
Read the full Changelog or download it here.

28/02/2008: Mandriva packages are now available from

26/11/2007: PyKaraoke v0.5.1 has been released. New in this release:
* GUI: Now works with WxPython v2.8.
* GUI: Improved search results layout.
* CDG player: Improved handling of corrupt CDG files.
* CDG player: Solve minor scrolling issues.
Download it here!

16/07/2007: PyKaraoke is now available in the official ports collection of NetBSD. Thanks to Thomas Klausner.

11/12/2006: PyKaraoke goes to your head. See the evidence at Video available on YouTube.

12/07/2006: PyKaraoke v0.5 has been released. New in this release:
* CDG: Massive performance improvements.
* CDG: Smoother scrolling and horizontal-scrolling fix.
* MIDI: Smoother font-scaling and word-wrap support.
* MIDI: Fixed mid-song tempo changes.
* New pykaraoke_mini GUI for simpler environments (handhelds, TV etc).
* New support for the GP2X handheld console.
Download it here!

22/06/2006: PyKaraoke is now available in the official ports collection of FreeBSD and in Debian. Thanks to Elias Mandouvalos and Miriam Ruiz for making this possible.

22/06/2006: Will Ferrell has written an excellent HOWTO on using PyKaraoke together with JACK on Linux to implement pitch-shifting and other effects. Read it here.

29/12/2005: PyKaraoke v0.4.1 has been released. New in this release:
* Major performance improvements in the CDG player - now works with much slower machines.
* Installation script for Linux.
* Play MIDI files within ZIPs.
* Various other improvements and bug fixes, for a full list see the changelog.
Download it here!

14/11/2005: PyKaraoke v0.4 has been released. All modifications in this release were kindly submitted by Will Ferrell:
* New command-line options to make the CDG player ( useful as a standalone player, or as an external player for playlist managers.
* Mouse cursor is now hidden in the CDG player window, and entirely in fullscreen mode.
* Various other improvements, for a full list see the changelog.
Download it here!

21/10/2005: PyKaraoke v0.3.1 has been released. New in this release:
* Full-screen player mode (CDG and MPG)
* Supports the latest WxPython (v2.6)
* Improved CPU usage
* Displays ZIP filename together with the internal song filename
Download it here!

05/09/2005: We have just written a feature on PyKaraoke and cdgtools for Linux+ magazine. See the full 4 page article in their August edition. PyKaraoke is one of their recommended projects for this month. If you can't find it on your newsstand, read a PDF of the article "Karaoke on Linux" in English here or get the Polish, French, German, Spanish and Czech versions here

24/03/2005: We have now written a tool for ripping CD+G disks under Linux. It encodes to MP3+G files, and gets the track names from CDDB (if available). See the cdgtools homepage for more details.

01/03/2005: An announcement mailing list has been created. If you would like to be kept up to date on PyKaraoke news and new releases, you can sign up to receive emails here.

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