cdgtools - CD+G Karaoke Tools


cdgtools has been developed and tested on Linux but should run on any operating system for which cdrdao and an mp3 encoder/decoder (e.g. lame) are available. Creating CD+G disks from ogg format songs is also supported, for which an ogg decoder is required.

cdgtools requires the following libraries to be installed on your system:

If these libraries are not already installed, you can download them using the links above.

Linux users should find these packages are available directly from their distro's package manager. For example Gentoo users can install all prerequisites using:

    # emerge python cdrdao lame wxpython libogg

With the above libraries installed, download and install the cdgtools package. You can download it here. There is currently no installer for cdgtools. Just unpack the release and you can start the tools directly from the unpack location.

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